Becky Ratliff Richardson(non-registered)
I just read the commits from Mike Todd. Wilson Ratliff was my father. I can remember going to the Benjamin House with my dad. Anita and I were around the same age. I can remember spending at least one night with her. We would play in the first room on the right and run back and forth between the two large mirrors. We would scoot down the front stairs on our bottoms! If I remember right there was a landing about half way down. My dad got one of the sink cabinets, I think it came out of one of the bed rooms up stairs. I kept my toys in it when I was little. I have it in our home now, our grandkids now keep toys in it too. I'd like to hear from any of the Todd family. We live north of Clarence MO. Not far from Shelbina.
Pamela McAllister(non-registered)
I'd be interested to know if there is ghost activity in this house? I looked at it while it was for sale. My email is [email protected].
Marilyn Shepherd(non-registered)
Daniel, thank you for visiting. Maybe next Holloween you will stop by.
Daniel Roth(non-registered)
Great Halloween pictures! Neat to have a Blessing Rieman College of Nursing connection in Shelbina!
Richard Cottrell(non-registered)
I am so thrilled some ones loves this old beautiful home. I was so sad when it was up for auction and worried about it. Looks like it is in good hands. Please let me know when you have the next open house. I have an 1845 in Clarksville, Mo. and I have it open regularly for tours. Thanks again for a great job yuou are doing. Richard from the 1845 Historic Elgin/Cottrell House Museum.
charles claus(non-registered)
I knew Betty Lou from high school and toured the mansion in about 1991 when she and her husband lived there. I am glad you and your wife are restoring it and I enjoyed viewing your progress to restore the mansion. good luck to you on this great joj.
Jo Kampschmidt(non-registered)
It is always a pleasure, each visit, to check the progress you have made! We are so lucky to have you doing such a wonderful job of restoring this lovely old home! Thanks so much! Jo K.
Mary Dunaway(non-registered)
Hi Mike,
I hadn't "visited" the house in awhile, but really enjoyed going through all of the pictures and your explanation of each one. What a project you've undertaken. It looks so great, and we're all so appreciative of your hard work. Do you think it's too early to schedule "Christmas at the Mansion Photos?" Just an idea for some great "Photos to Remember!"
Thanks again,
Mike Todd(non-registered)
I lived in the house as a kid from 1956 to 1960. My parents and a local capenter named Wilson Ratliff put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into that wonderful old house. Living there was a great adventure for me from age 8 to 12. I believe houses have souls, and this one's soul surely is happy now. By the way, I have fond recollections of believing we had a ghost there. I am so glad to see someone putting such love and effort into restoring the old place. Thank you.
Bonnie Wood(non-registered)
Thanks for restoring the Benjamin House. Really looks warm and inviting. Hope you will have an
open house soon.
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